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It all started with a ...

A long journey from Syria to Edmonton for the owners of Dedos food truck. My name is Ranya Abu Jaib and I’d like to introduce myself and my story. I am married to Tarek Selek, and we have two handsome sons.
Our story starts in Syria where we were living.
My husband had a business established and everything was going okay. Unfortunately that all came to a stop when things got out of control and chaos and distress started because of the civil war.
Sadly no one was safe anymore, therefore, myself, my family, Tarek, and his family all needed to move and relocate to another country.
Malaysia was one of the very few countries letting in Syrians at the time, so that was where we all decided to go to.
Tarek has always been a very business minded, well oriented person. He doesn't like to live on the sideline just getting by, he always wants to make something of himself and be successful.
So after everything we went through losing our homes and everything we owned and fleeing a war zone country, he still managed to create and open a Mediterranean restaurant in Malaysia to support his entire family.
The restaurant, named Mishaltit and run by his brother Abed, has become one of the most popular in the city.

Knowing his family would be safe and well cared for, Tarek and I decided to start our own journey.
Since I'm Canadian, we agreed to move to Canada and meet my family there, including my brother Waeil (AJ) who had been working in the food service industry. Tarek and AJ wanted to create a fun small family business where we could introduce people to our culture and our cuisine.
Therefore, we decided to open a food truck so we could wander around town from one street to another and share our mediterranean cuisine and delicious food.
At the beginning of 2014 our business journey began when we opened {Dedos} food truck.
We resided in a city called St.
Albert, its a town really close to Edmonton. However, since it was a smaller city, we faced some difficulties related to our business venture. Some of those challenges were that we needed to acquire different types of permits that we had no knowledge of, and get multiple permissions by different authorities to be able to operate.

There were no rules or bylaws regarding this business idea, so we had to meet a lot of people and it was a bit of a struggle in the beginning.
Thankfully the city officials were very supportive and interested in our business idea, so they created some bylaws to help get us on the road.
Eventually after all the restless nights and believing in ourselves, this dream became a reality and we were ready to finally introduce the community to the famous Syrian Shawarma.
When we first started operating our business, we felt so blessed to be accepted and understood.
Words can't describe our happiness when many people from our new community came by to show their support and to congratulate and welcome us in this new city.
It really made us feel safe and at home again.
I felt so proud to be Canadian, and to be able to live in this beautiful country along this caring community, and to be able to raise my kids with the best possible amenities this great free country can offer.
I thank you Canada for giving my family and I the feeling of freedom.
The support we received was enormous, which was another incentive for us to work harder and be more passionate.
The best part was when customers came back and gave us their feedback, “that was the best lunch I’ve ever had”, “this garlic sauce and chicken is out of this world”.
One of the biggest reasons for our success was operating our business here just like back home, everything is homemade and made fresh from scratch.
We ended the 2015 season with some big accomplishments.
We were awarded 2nd "Best food truck in Edmonton" and we were nominated top 3 finalists for "best catering in Edmonton".
That made us feel so proud.
It makes us want to keep going, so we can always improve and provide new flavours to our customers.
In the end, we wish to be reunited with the rest of our family who are still scattered around in different countries So make sure to stop by Dedo’s for a friendly smile and a delicious bite.

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